OMJulia - OpenModelica Julia ScriptingΒΆ

OMJulia - the OpenModelica Julia API is a free, open source, highly portable Julia based interactive session handler for Julia scripting of OpenModelica API functionality. It provides the modeler with components for creating a complete Julia-Modelica modeling, compilation and simulation environment based on the latest OpenModelica implementation and Modelica library standard available. OMJulia is architectured to combine both the solving strategy and model building. Thus, domain experts (people writing the models) and computational engineers (people writing the solver code) can work on one unified tool that is industrially viable for optimization of Modelica models, while offering a flexible platform for algorithm development and research. OMJulia is not a standalone package, it depends upon the OpenModelica installation.

OMJulia.jl is implemented in Julia and depends on ZeroMQ - high performance asynchronous messaging library and it supports the Modelica Standard Library that is included in OpenModelica 1.9.2.

The latest OMJulia.jl documentation can be found online: OMJulia.jl documentation