OpenModelica Encryption

The encryption module allows the library developers to encrypt their libraries for different platforms. Note that you need a special version of OpenModelica with encryption support. Contact us if you want one.

Encrypting the Library

In order to encrypt the Modelica package call buildEncryptedPackage(TopLevelPackageName) from mos script or from OMEdit right click the package in Libraries Browser and select Export Encrypted Package or select Export > Export Encrypted Package from the menu.

All the Modelica files are encrypted and the whole library is zipped into a single file i.e., PackageName.mol. Note that you can only encrypt Modelica packages saved in a folder structure. The complete folder structure remains as it is. No encryption is done on the resource files.

Loading an Encrypted Library

To load the encrypted package call loadEncryptedPackage(EncryptedPackage.mol) from the mos script or from OMEdit File > Load Encrypted Package.


  • There is no license management and obfuscation of the generated code and files. However just a basic encryption and decryption is supported along with full support for protection access annotation as defined in Modelica specification 18.9. This means that anyone who has an OpenModelica version with encryption support can encrypt or decrypt files.

  • OpenModelica encryption is based on SEMLA (Standardized Encryption of Modelica Libraries and Artifacts) module from Modelon AB.