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May I translate User's guide?

May I translate User's guide?


My name is Ueda.
I'm member of the Open CAE Society of Japan that is promoting the spread of CAE on open source.
I would like to ask if there is any problem to translate the OpenModelica User's Guide into Japanese.

I also use OpenModelica and I apricate you for developing great software.
As part of academic activities, I would like to translate to Japanese the OpenModelica User's Guide and release it for free under GPL v3 license.

Is there anything I should be aware of when it comes to translation?

I read User's Guide license and there will be no problem with translation activities.
I sent Open Source Modelica Consortium similar mail at May, but I can't find reply mail yet.
Therefore I would like to take this forum to ask a question.
I will cancel the question immediately if it is inappropriate.

Re: May I translate User's guide?

Should be no problem to translate it. The only problem might be the GPL v3 license which is not that suitable for the documentation.

The OSMC board has decided last year that the license for the documentation should be the creative-commons license, with attribution requirement:
but we didn't had time to update it.

I guess it should be OK if you use the same license CC BY 4 for the translated documentation.

Re: May I translate User's guide?

Thank you very much for permission to translate and thank for answering the email.

I would like to publish it using CC BY 4.
I hope this will help to progress of Modelica in any way.


Re: May I translate User's guide?

We also have a Japanese translation of OMEdit which hasn't been updated for quite some time. See … ources/nls if you wish to contribute to it.

Re: May I translate User's guide?

Thank you for your introduction.
I'm interested in transition OMEdit.
I have never used Qt, so let's check the translation flow first.

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