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Compilation of flat model

Compilation of flat model

Hi every one,

First, thank you for the attention and help you'll give to this post.

Quickly :
- I'm using OMC 1.9.1.beta.1 compiler
- I want to generate C files from *.mo files
To do this :
- I generate a flattened model *.mof from *.mo files
- I try to generate some C files from the *.mof, but i have a compiling error.
  This error occurs in the first line of the *.mof declaring a parameter :
  parameter Real someModel.param1(fixed = false);
  OMC compiler rejects the dot (".")

More precisely :
- I have a master model (in "") declaring submodels :
    model master_model
      subModel1 instance1() ;
      subModel2 instance2() ;
      <Some equations...>
    end master_model;

- I generate a "master_model.mof" with the command :
  /some_path/omc +showErrorMessages +d=failtrace +d=disableSingleFlowEq ....
  No problem to get this "master_model.mof"
- I try to generate C file from "master_model.mof" with the command :
  /some_path/omc +simCodeTarget=C +showErrorMessages +g=Modelica +d=initialization +d=failtrace master_model.mof
  and i get a compiling error :
  {"[/a_path.../master_model.mof:2:26-2:26:writable] Error: Missing token: SEMICOLON", "SYNTAX", "Error", "2"}
  When i look at master_model.mof, here is what i see :
    class master_model
      parameter Real subModel1.param1(fixed = false); // Error on this first line because of the dot
      parameter Real subModel1.param2(fixed = false);
        <some other declarations....>
        <some equations....>
    end master_model;
  The dot on line 2 is rejected.
  What did i do wrong ?
  The presence of this dot at this place in this file seems illogical
  since a declaration should be done with a variable or paramater name without dot,
  as in most language.
  Besides, since OMC compiler created the *.mof, this file should have the right
  syntax and be usable to create C files with the same OMC compiler.

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Re: Compilation of flat model

The .mof file is not intended to be usable for re-compilation. It is only for diagnostics.

Re: Compilation of flat model

You probably want to use the +s flag to generate simulation code.

Re: Compilation of flat model

some of my simulation failed and I have this error :

[:0:0-0:0] Error: [b]Failed to open simulation result /tmp/OpenModelica_maryam/OMEdit/BuildingEnergySystems.CaseStudies.TemperatureControl.Thermal_equivalent.Rooms.RoomsThermalSimplifiedWithAppliances_res.mat: Too few rows in data_2 matrix

and my output is :

/tmp/OpenModelica_maryam/OMEdit/BuildingEnergySystems.CaseStudies.TemperatureControl.Thermal_equivalent.Rooms.RoomsThermalSimplifiedWithAppliances -port=51282 -logFormat=xml -w -lv=LOG_STATS
assert        | debug     | division by zero at time 0, (a=0) / (b=0), where divisor b expression is: heatPump_ConstantCOPheat1.W Debug more
Warning: Variable stove.airSource_fixed_pTX.air.Twb out of [min, max] interval: stove.airSource_fixed_pTX.air.Twb >= 0.0 has value: -226.176
Warning: Variable airSource_fixed_wTX1.air.Twb out of [min, max] interval: airSource_fixed_wTX1.air.Twb >= 0.0 has value: -160.919
Warning: Variable airSource_fixed_wTX.air.Twb out of [min, max] interval: airSource_fixed_wTX.air.Twb >= 0.0 has value: -160.919
Simulation process exited with code 255

Re: Compilation of flat model

Here is the actual error,


assert        | debug     | division by zero at time 0, (a=0) / (b=0), where divisor b expression is: heatPump_ConstantCOPheat1.W Debug more

Clicking on Debug more should take you to the equation causing the error. Fix division by zero error in your model.


Re: Compilation of flat model

can I ask a question

Re: Compilation of flat model

Thank you.
I use the libraries that they wrote with Dymola.
do you think these error caused because of this

Re: Compilation of flat model

Hello All,

I am using Dymola software 2017 and I have a concern regarding a question about reading the differential equations (nonlinear and linear) of a model using the dsmodel.mof file.

I have a Thermal power plant (with 104 continuons time states), which I cannot read its complete system of equations through its dsmodel.mof file. I am finding it complex to interpret and figure out these equations from the script in the file specially the non-linear system of equations.

Can someone please guide me to properly read them specially the nonlinear part ?
Pls. find attached mof-file for your review.

Thank you all for your help in advance


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