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Modeling fluid circuit

Modeling fluid circuit

hello everybody

I've just discovered the modelica world and i'm trying to understand if modelica can help me in solving a problem. I'd like to model a fluid system by means of the electrical analogy and i would like to know if i can do this with modelica. each element of the circuit can be modeled as an equivalent resistance but the problem in this case is that the resistance depends on the mass flow rate through the element. This means that, contrary to what happens in standard electrical circuit, the equations that have to be solved are not linear. Does anyone know how to model something like this in Modelica? Do I have to use the electrical library? I already solved the problem with Matlab but I'would like to find a more flexible environment which could allow me to make also big modifications to the circuit without re-writing the whole script.
Hope sombody could help me or give some usefull advice.



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