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Built In Time Variable - OMNotebook

Built In Time Variable - OMNotebook

In chapter 6 of the OMNotebook, there is a page link called 'time' which opens the page "Built in Time Variable".

Here it says that "This doesn't work in the current version of Modelica."

What is the point in this page if you can't use it? Will it be included in the next release?

Or am I missing something?

Re: Built In Time Variable - OMNotebook

Using time in the manner described in the chapter does not only not work in current Modelica (whatever that means, since Modelica is a language), but is actually forbidden. So there doesn't really seem to be any point in this page, since pretty much everything it says is wrong. I've created a ticket in our bug tracker here, hopefully someone will replace the page with something that's actually useful.

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