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Source and explanation for function

Source and explanation for function


In Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.HeatTransfer.LocalPipeFlowHeatTransfer the final Nusselt Number is computed by a splicefunction (see Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir.Utilities.spliceFunction). May you can shortly explain, why there are the two numbers "6150" and "3850"?
I have the VDI Wärmeatlas of 2006 (you have the edition of 1997) and I had not found such an interpolation function.

P.S. Thank you very much for uploading Fluid in OM, good job!


Re: Source and explanation for function

Hi Georg,

I'm afraid that you are unlikely to get answers about the inner workings of Fluid on this forum, since most of us OM developers who read these forums are not ourselves modelers. You are probably better off contacting the Modelica association instead, which is responsible for the Modelica Standard Library.

Also, support for the Fluid library is still work in progress, and while you are welcome to try it out you will probably encounter problems with it. The only reason why we recently enabled it in OMEdit is that it no longer causes the compiler to crash current/smile Full support for Fluid is one of our main goals right now though, and at the moment we have about half of the example models working. Unfortunately it is very hard to estimate how much work is left until we can fully support Fluid, so I can't say when that will finally happen.

Re: Source and explanation for function

Hi perost,

thanks for fast replying. In that case I will try to simplfy the model somehow, although there is no starting point for it at the moment (Your colleague already wrote, the many "redeclares" mainly cause problems).

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