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Compilation error

Compilation error

class Simplecircuit1

import Modelica;
Resistor R1(R=10);
Capacitor C(C = 0.01);
Resistor R2(R2=100);
Inductor L(L=0.1);
VsourceAC AC;
Ground G;
end Simplecircuit1;

Error infoemation: [Simplecircuit1: 10:1-10:9]: Class Ground not found in scope Simplecircuit1.
So how should I deal with this error?

Re: Compilation error

The compiler can't find the class `Ground` in scope.
That means there is no Modelica model / class named `Ground` loaded.

There are two ways to fix this:

- Create a new model named `Ground` with a connector for the pin (you are connecting to `G.n`) and the equation describing what ground should do (pin.v = 0).
Take a look at `Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.Ground` from the Modelica Standard Library (MSL) how it is done in that case.

- Use a library that provides electrical components, e.g. from the MSL (4.0.0) `Modelica.Electrical.Analog`.

You will have the same issue for every other model/class you are using in your class `Simplecircuit1`. If you are using MSL you also have some typos in the connect equations



The book "Modelica by Example" by by Dr. Michael M. Tiller gives a nice introduction to Modelica and also provides examples on object oriented modeling and simple electric examples similar to what oyu are trying to do in your model:

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Re: Compilation error

Thanks a lot.I will have a try

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