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An example in MSL cannot run

An example in MSL cannot run

Hello,I'm a new user of OpenModelica.I have a question about the example Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.HeatExchangerSimulation
(Version3.2.3) cannot run on the OpenModelica(Version1.16~Version1.18.1), while most of the Examples in Modelica.Fluid.Examples can run correctly on the same OMEdit. So what's the reason, if you know it ,can you please help to explain and reply to me, thank you.

Re: An example in MSL cannot run

OpenModelica is not yet at 100% coverage of the Modelica Standard Library (MSL).

For MSL v3.2.3 we currently are at 405 of 425 passing the verification, see … 3.2.3.html
Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.HeatExchangerSimulation is one of the failing ones: … lation.sim

For  MSL v4.0.0 it's the same issue.

There exist a ticket about this on our GitHub. It seems that OpenModelica can't solve the initial system that uses the homotopy operator. But the ticket doesn't indicate why OpenModelica isn't able to do so.

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