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unballanced connections

unballanced connections

Hello folks,
using a library with nested expandable connectors and buses, with some models I experience an error which is difficult to overcome, using the v1.18.0 OME:


Error Buffer: 

[C:/OM118/OM64bit/OMCompiler/Compiler/NFFrontEnd/] Error: Internal error NFConnection.split got unbalanced connection connect(SpeedController.mainBus, mainBus) (lhs: 14, rhs: 15)

I understand lhs = left hand side ( ie SpeedController.mainBus) and rhs = right hand side (mainBus).
I understand the left side has 14 variables/connectors and the righ side has 15 ones, thus 1 is missing thus the  "unballanced".

However, I aldready used such buses altogether in the same configuration or different configurations without error.
The mentionned model runs without warning nor error in Dymola 2021, which lead me to question if there is an issue with the OpenModelica checking NFConnection.split.

my question:
- is there any means to display the lhs and rhs variables/connectors in the error message, so that I can undertand what is wrong ?

I'm looking for any advice on a way to find the origin of such issues.


Re: unballanced connections

If you encounter an internal error then something has gone wrong in the compiler, since such errors are mostly just sanity checks and should never occur. The best way to report the problem is to open an issue on Github. We'll also need a model that can be used to replicate the issue in order to investigate it, any model that triggers this particular error is fine.

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Re: unballanced connections

Ok, well noted.
I have opened the issue #8094 in GitHub and I provide a model with the complete associated package that allows to reproduce the error.

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