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Error debugging help

Error debugging help

When including the FMU for a rel-time application, i got this error when compiling die app

Making Makefile ""
In file included from f2c.h:162:0
                 from iparmq.c:13:
iparmq.c: In function 'iparmq_':
iparmq.c:24:12: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before numeric constant
     double log(doublereal):
Compiling failed  "C:\Users\User1\Documents\dSPACE\ConfigurationDesk\6.2\FMU_import_test\TopologyTest\Components\Simple_Topology\sources\external_solvers\iparmq.c"
Making Makefile "" failed

i know its not directly OM related theme, but i've try to google it, but have not really understand whats the error means. thank you in advance

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