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This is a part of OMEdit manual

Connection for Connector Array Type – If any of the start port or the end port of the connection is of an array type, the user also needs to add indices at which the connection is to be made. For this a dialog box will pop up, as soon as the user clicks on the end port of the connection asking the user for indices of the array for whichever port it is necessary. For example, let’s say, the user wants to connect, the x component instance of Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Converters.BooleanToLogic to the y component instance of Modelica.Blocks.Sources.BooleanConstant. Now since, Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Converters.BooleanToLogic.x is a connector array, as soon as the user clicks on the end port for this connection, a dialog box appears asking user the index of the start instance. See Figure 1-6.

But no popup dialog will appear in my case! It looks like a bug.

How can draw a connection to a specific port of a Multiport model graphically with OMEdit?
when i try to connect a Modelica.Fluid.Pipe.StaticPipe to a Modelica.Fluid.Vessels.OpenTank then I will get the errormessage

Unmatched dimension in equation connect(reservoir.ports,staticpipe.port_b,[3]!=[]

Jun-10-13 14:23:30
Category: Programming

What does the the errormessage

Class getClassRestriction not found in scope( looking for a function or record)

Location of this error is always 0:0-0:0!
This is not very helpful for locating the error.

Jun-10-13 12:50:31
Category: Programming

Thanks for thew answer but it does not work  current/sad

Jun-10-13 11:52:39
Category: Programming

I want to bild a new model which is extended from Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.PartialStraightPipe.
The model works, but it should have a competely new icon.  When I draw the icon in th IconView of OMEdit then everything looks OK.
But if I place the model in an othe rmodel then it will be drawn with the icon defined Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.PartialStraightPipe in the background.
How can i prevent the drawing of the inherited icon annotation.

Jun-06-13 14:39:08
Unable to create a Model with flow library

10 reads, no answers current/sad

I tried the example and this works.
But if I want to re-Construct the example Modelica.Fluid.Examples.PumpingSystem then the same error occurs? Also the generated model is different if I only construct it only with OMEdit. Do I need to edit the model text manually to get it run?

Btw. OMEdit is very slow when I browse through the library tree

Jun-05-13 09:17:12
Unable to create a Model with flow library

I'm new with Modelica and Openmodelica.
I need to build a model of a simple water supply facility with flow sources, pumps, tanks pipes and some filters. So I started to build this with OMEdit  but there are some problems.
First I placed a SYSTEM Component as described in the documentation (that works). Then I place a pipe and a fixed boundary component. This also works. But when I try to connect the pipe and the fixed boundary I will get an error


Translation    08:01:29    C:\OpenModelica1.9.0\lib\omlibrary\Modelica 3.2.1\Media\    4373:17-4498:25    Illegal to instantiate partial class BaseProperties

What is wrong?

The connection will be refused by OMEdit.


model TEST

  inner Modelica.Fluid.System system annotation(Placement(visible = true, transformation(origin = {74.9709,80.0931}, extent = {{-10,-10},{10,10}}, rotation = 0)));
  Modelica.Fluid.Sources.FixedBoundary boundary(nPorts = 1) annotation(Placement(visible = true, transformation(origin = {-87.3108,-11.4086}, extent = {{-10,-10},{10,10}}, rotation = 0)));
  Modelica.Fluid.Pipes.StaticPipe pipe annotation(Placement(visible = true, transformation(origin = {-58.2072,-11.1758}, extent = {{-10,-10},{10,10}}, rotation = 0)));
  annotation(Icon(coordinateSystem(extent = {{-100,-100},{100,100}}, preserveAspectRatio = true, initialScale = 0.1, grid = {2,2})), Diagram(coordinateSystem(extent = {{-100,-100},{100,100}}, preserveAspectRatio = true, initialScale = 0.1, grid = {2,2})));
end TEST;

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