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Automatic loading of files

Automatic loading of files


For exercise purposes, I made a simple model including a selfmade connector with some icon graphics.

Connecting this model to the components of the MSL using connecting lines in the OMEdit Diagram View works fine, als long as the connector is loaded first into the workspace and after that the model.

Otherwise, e.g. by opening only the model, not the connector, there is no Icon-View for the connector and therefore no connecting in Diagram View.
It works fine when I create a package including the model and the connector and make it a new library to load by default, but this seems very inconvenient to me.

Is there any possibility to make OMEdit load all *.mo files in a certain folder by default, so that the tab 'Modelica Files' next to 'Modelica Library' is filled with these when started?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Automatic loading of files


Only if you structure your files as a library, i.e. have a in that directory that will trigger the load of the other files.
See more in the Modelica Specification Chapter 13 on how to structure your files/directories:

We should however extend OMEdit a bit to run a configurable script when started, this way you could add anything to the startup procedure.

Adrian Pop/

Re: Automatic loading of files

Thank you, Adrian

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