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Probelm with replaceable/redeclare model

Probelm with replaceable/redeclare model


I get an error trying to redeclare a replaceable model, the simple code is the following:


model MyInternalModel
  parameter Real par = 1;
end MyInternalModel;

model MyModel
  replaceable model ReplaceableInternalModel = MyInternalModel;
  ReplaceableInternalModel internalModel;
end MyModel;

model MyTestModel

parameter Real localPar = 1;

MyModel intModel(redeclare model ReplaceableInternalModel = MyInternalModel(final par = localPar)); //This doesn't work.

//MyModel intModel(redeclare model ReplaceableInternalModel = MyInternalModel(final par = 1)); // This works

end MyTestModel;

The error message is the following:


Error: Variable localPar not found in scope MyModel
Error: Error occurred while flattening model MyTestModel

I'm using the latest OM version (r11081) in Linux 64-bit.

Is this illegal code o is it a bug? It is so simple that I thought it should work.

Thank you for any help,

Best regards,


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