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Problem connecting CombiTimeTable

Problem connecting CombiTimeTable

So I built a model of electrical wire and I want to connect the model to CombiTimeTable but I always receive translations error that goes: Expected wire to be a class, but found component instead. I created my model of a wire with real input so it should be ok with CombiTimeTables real output connector. Any ideas how to fix this, I am dealing with this problem for three days now and I am stuck whit this.

Re: Problem connecting CombiTimeTable

How are you doing this? Can you post some code? It looks like you are using a class instead of a component:


model M
  Real x;
  der(x) := -1*x;
end M;

model Test
  M m;
  Real x = M; // not correct, class M
  Real x = m.x; // correct, component m.x
  x = m.x; // correct, component m.x
  x = M; // not correct, class M
end Test;

Re: Problem connecting CombiTimeTable

So maybe is the title a bit misleading. I created several components from block and now I want to connect them like in simulink so like working with submodels-ish. Now I packed all of my models into blocks and packaged them into a package and I want to connect them while they are packaged but when I want to check model, I always get this translation errors expected X to be a class but found component instead. I am so confused, I really dont know, what to do or where to check, what am I doing wrong.

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