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Controlled Synchronous Motor

Controlled Synchronous Motor

Hello everyone,

my name is Kristoffer Karen. I'm new to the Modelica language and trying my hand at OpenModelica.
There I would like to model a current, speed and position-controlled permanently excited synchronous motor. This motor is to be operated with a converter from a battery, the converter generates the three-phase rotating field.
I have already found the "PositionControlledDCPM" in the "Modelica" library, which contains exactly the desired control loop, the right motor with "SM_PermanentMagnet" and the right converter with "PolyphaseTwo Level_R".
However, I don't know how to link the whole thing together so that it can be simulated, as I keep getting errors when I try, as I don't know how to connect the currentController to the inverter. Can someone help me, or maybe a working model is already available? Unfortunately, you can't attach pictures at the moment, so I can't attach my previous attempt.

Thank you in advance


Re: Controlled Synchronous Motor

Hi Kristoffer, I am working on a similar project and want to incorporate a similar solution. Have you succeeded in creating the model so it's functional?
Best, Luka

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