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install openmodelica fedora 32

install openmodelica fedora 32

Dear all,

I would like to install open modelica on Fedora 32 workstation x86_64. The download page depicts an rpm method with fedora/centos/rhel (omc.repo). However, within rpm download  , there is not fedora 32, only fc25 to fc29.

Is there rpm to install openmodelica on fedora 32?

Warmest regards


Re: install openmodelica fedora 32

I'll try updating these to the last 3 releases (30-32). The problem for us, none of us use Fedora so we don't remember to update the list of Fedora OSes we build for.

Re: install openmodelica fedora 32

Hi everyone,

I would like to install the latest official release 1.18.1 on Fedora 35. The version available in the fc33 repository is 1.17.0.


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