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Basic Startup tutorial

Basic Startup tutorial


I am a long time Simulink user wanting to learn Open Modelica. I find the available tutorials unhelpful for a new user, including the spoken tutorials that are highlighted on the main site. I have tried to build a model assuming drag and drop functionality into a new composite model file, which does not yield working results ( the model elements do not appear as graphics, but rather as boxes with the name as a label)

I guess I need an "explain it like I am 5" type approach with very specific, step by step instructions. I want to use this as a transition from Simulink with my students, but could not possibly proceed with the available resources.

The icons for categorizing this string are not intuitive to me. A mouse hover label would be helpful here.

I also had broken links installed with the Windows version. Several pdf files were not connected properly, and one was missing entirely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Basic Startup tutorial

I have the same issue as you.
Having used Simulink for more than 15 years, I have grown accustomed to being able to run a model and see the evolution of signals at runtime. But trying to do the same thing with OpenModelica doesn't seem to give the desired results.
In fact, by running the attached model in interactive mode, OMedit often freezes and when it works the display in the model is never populated and at the beginning of the simulation the plot page is opened.
Maybe I'm trying to use OMEdit to do something it's not intended for, but the ability to run a simulation and see the value of the signals evolve on the model seems like a basic feature to me.

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