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Initialisation with .mat file

Initialisation with .mat file


I'm using the simulation flags (-iif & -iit) to restart calculation from previous results within a .mat file. The models I run contains initial equation sections.

I think when I look at the LOG_INIT that the process of initialisation is the following:
The compiler, during the initialisation, starts using the start, nominal or guess values from the model but then replace them with the value contained in the mat file.

My problem appears when values are given to variables within the initial equation section. It is this last value and not that of the mat file that is used in the rest of the calculation. I know that I could use start and fixed attributes of variables instead of initial equation but is less convenient and impossible for few models.

Therefore, is it possible to prioritize the mat file on the initial equation or does someone has an idea to overturn the problem ?

Thanks in advance

Re: Initialisation with .mat file


I apologize  for this topic. I had misread and understood the user documentation. For those who are interested, just put the simulation flag "-iim = none".

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