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Flatpak v1.13.2

Flatpak v1.13.2

Dear all,
I have updated the flatpak to support v1.13.2. It was much less painful than when I created from scratch.

For those interested, it is at

As it is explained it requires, first to add the flathub remote. Then to install three dependences.

Later it requires BaseApp (it contains many of the dependencies for OpenModelica -in fact it has not changed from last version-).

Finally, installing Omedit.

1. To create more desktop files to give access to other elements installed within the package (not just OMEdit).
2. Trying to make it part of flathub, for an easier installation (not requiring the compiling step).

With the hope of this being useful for somebody else, and without any kind of warranty of course.

José M.

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