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Redeclaring Medium Packages

Redeclaring Medium Packages


I am new to modelica, and i don't have this much experience in it, but i got the basics of course. I am trying to model a micrfluidic network. The network consists of two sources of water and oil, controlled by two valves. The flow of the two mediums interact at a Tjunction and then into a tank or chamber. I don't care about the fluid properties of the mixture because its not my purpose. My question is how do redeclare two medium packages (water and oil) in one system component such as the Tjunction or a tank in order to simulate the system. In my real model, the two mediums doesn't meet, becuase every medium passes through the channels at a different time.

I attached the model with this message

Thank you for the help current/smile

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Re: Redeclaring Medium Packages

I am trying to use models with two media and I am are new to Modelica too.  In my cases these media are miscible in any ratio or connected to different connections. As far as I know, you can have only one medium per connector. You need to define one medium with two components, water and oil in your case.

But there is the problem, that water and oil do have a miscibility gap. The brine package tries defines such media with water and gas, but this package is not fully compatible with Openmodelica. In order to get a model with realistic behavior, you may need to create a new media which exposes the miscibility gab. Otherwise your model may show unrealistic mixtures of oil and water.


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