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Am I in entirely the wrong place?

Am I in entirely the wrong place?


I've installed FreeCAD and been looking at tutorials for hours (so many of which, bizarrely, have no audio") and I did not find my answer.
I believe there is a long learning curve for FreeCAD and I don't want to climb the ladder to find it was the wrong ladder.I want a program in which I can lash together linkages and other mechanical components, see how they work, change them and iterate design in that way. I imagine I'd specify link arms, pivot points, connect things up and then "make it move" to see if it does what I want and what the issues are.I have previously done this with cardboard and thumb tacs to gt an idea of how things might work, but it's far from ideal and I don't end up with drawings at the end of it.Can anyone tell me if FreeCAD is that program?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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