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Model Not well posed: Hard Debug

Model Not well posed: Hard Debug


I'm trying to debug a vehicle model which at the check gives me 3 errors without giving me any help in how to find the issue

Do you have a suggestion on how to proceed with the debug?

The model is not well-posed.....

Using the given settings of the parameters, the difference could be reduced to

The problem is structurally singular.
It has 96811 scalar unknowns and 96786 scalar equations.
The Real part has 95240 unknowns and 95215 equations.
The Integer part has 1510 unknowns and 1510 equations.
The Boolean part has 61 unknowns and 61 equations.
The String part has 0 unknowns and 0 equations.

Errors or failure to expand vector or matrix expressions.

Check aborted.

The structural analysis failed.

Please, contact support.

Singularity of ....model name..... could not be localized.

ERROR: 3 errors were found

WARNING: 89 warnings were issued

Re: Model Not well posed: Hard Debug

Looks like a Dymola error message, so I can't say what is wrong without seeing the model. But I guess it has something to do with:

"Errors or failure to expand vector or matrix expressions."

Likely there is an equation of 25 variables that the compiler fails to expand to scalar equations and is posed in a way that it cannot be handled as a vector equation.

Re: Model Not well posed: Hard Debug

Thankis sjoelund for your answer,

It's hard for me to share the model, I'm looking for a system of 25 equations, or possibly more than one system that the compiler is not able to expand

Do you know a way to find that systems? does it tell in the log, or maybe activating some flags in the simulation / debug tab?


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