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setParameterValue() in a loop

setParameterValue() in a loop

Hello all,

i´m new in this forum and i hope someone of you can help me with my little problem.

Like i already wrote in the description above, i would like to use the command setParameterValue() in combination with a loop (e.g. a for-loop). The aim of my interest is to change a parameter automatically at each iteration. When i use an Integer, e.g setParameterValue(Widerstand,R1,100), everything works fine, but if i want to use the command like that:
OmShell does not transfer the value 10 but the character i.

I created a small example, using an ohmic Resistance, which is attached (File:

This is my small skript in which i want to change the resistance value to i=10 (the loop is disregarded knowingly):

simulate(Resistance, startTime=0, stopTime=25, outputFormat="csv");

I already tried different possibilities like: setParameterValue(Resistance,R1,Value(i)); or something like that, but nothing worked.

Best Regards


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