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Compiling Open Modelica Sources on Linux

Compiling Open Modelica Sources on Linux

I am interested in compiling minimal Open Modelica
                without any GUI,
                             test and verification suits and am happy to use just the latest version of the modelica library.

I did use  ./configure switches to disable the features I did not want. But the make appears to look for sub directories "OMEdit", "OMShell", "OMNote".
My idea is to checkout bare minimum of source tree from the svn trunk and compile it. Any suggestions in this regards is much appreciated.

Also, I notice that the new revision 18017 has no "3rdParty" directory any more under the main trunk. I see this is now under branches/requirements. Does it mean that we no longer require this 3rdParty resource. When I tried to make the new version after update make fails with message that this directory does not exist. Any suggestions?

I have tried "svn cleanup ; svn update ; make clean ; make".   But no luck. What should I be doing??

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