User Documentation

 Here you can find some useful documents and tutorials to move your first steps in the OpenModelica world

OpenModelica users guide, this document contains a complete guide on OpenModelica usage form the user point of view, OMEdit connection editor, MDT Eclipse Plugin, Dynamic Optimization, OMOptim, OMSens for sensitivity analysis and optimization, OMNotebook, Equation and algorithmic code Modelica debugger, Modelica, Python and Matlab scripting including description of the full API.

This document is intended for library developers and advanced users, the wiki page explains how to write a Modelica library fully compliant with the last Modelica specification. Please note that for the time being the only compliant library is Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1beta.

This document is mainly intended for developers and advanced users, but in the first chapters users can find a brief description of the OpenModelica system structure, several debugging scenarios and scripting examples.

This webpages are automatically generated by Openmodelica build, here you can find the up-to-date list of OpenModelica Scripting APIs.

Documentation related to Modelica builtin functions and Modelica libraries shipped with OpenModelica (including MSL) automatically generated by OpenModelica

Modelica language and Object Oriented Modeling and Simulation introduction tutorial by Peter Fritzson