OpenModelica Open Source Tools

Arrows denote data and control flow

Advanced Interactive OpenModelica Compiler (OMC)

omc structure

Interactive OpenModelica Shell (OMShell)


The purpose of OMShell is to provide an interactive environment for working with OMC.

OpenModelica Notebook (OMNotebook)


DrControl Under OMNotebook

Dr Control

OpenModelica Connection Editor (OMEdit)

OMEdit with Interactive Simulation

OMEdit Integrated with Electronic Notebooks and Interactive Simulation

  • Gives students the facility to export/import models between OMEdit and electronic notebooks.
  • Uses OpenModelica Interactive (OMI) subsystem to perform interactive simulation.
  • Online simulation makes the simulation respond in real-time to user input.
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OpenModelica Equation Model Debugger

  • First ever model equations debugger for Modelica models
  • Mapping run-time errors to source model position
  • Showing equation trasformations of a model


  • OMOptim facilitates optimization in engineering.
  • OMOptim extends the capabilities of OpenModelica towards design optimization.
  • It can be used to the increase energy efficiency of an industrial process.
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MDT Screenshot

Modelica Development Tooling (MDT)

  • MDT provides an advanced development environment for Modelica within the Eclipse platform.
  • Advanced textual environment for eclipse. 

Modelica Modeling Language (ModelicaML)

  • Graphical modeling language for the description of time-continuous and time-discrete/event-based system dynamics .
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OpenModelica Python Interface (OMPython)

  • OMPython is a subsystem of the OpenModelica platform, enabling users to experience the modeling and simulation capabilities of OpenModelica within the Python environment.
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OMSimulator 1.0 - TLM based simulator

OpenModelica Simulator (OMSimulator)

  • A new (stand-alone) FMI- and TLM-based simulation tool OMSimulator.
  • First version for connected FMUs, TLM objects, Simulink models (via wrappers), Adams models (via wrappers), BEAST models (via wrappers), Modelica models. Regarding the FMI standard for model exchange and co-simulation , see FMI standard.