OMSimulator 2.0

The OMSimulator project is a FMI-based co-simulation tool that supports ordinary (i.e., non-delayed) and TLM connections. This is work in progress in the ITEA3 project (OPENCPS) Open Cyber-Physical System Model-Driven Certified Development. and


  • OMSimulator 2.0 is part of OpenModelica nightly builds: OpenModelica 1.13.0-dev.nightly.
  • You can also download OMSimulator 2.0 as standalone tool from OpenModelica GitHub (scroll down).



OMSimulator 1.0OMSimulator 1.0 

A new (stand-alone) FMI- and TLM-based simulation tool OMSimulator.
First version for connected FMUs, TLM objects, Simulink models (via wrappers), Adams models (via wrappers), BEAST models (via wrappers), Modelica models. Regarding the FMI standard for model exchange and co-simulation , see FMI standard. The initial Master Simulation Tool (MST) framework from OMSimulator 1.0 has been donated to the Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) by SKF, and since then further developed in cooperation. It is available from OSMC as the OMSimulator 1.0 with OMEdit as the model editor. It has later been further developed within the OPENCPS project and is now also part of OMSimulator 2.0.from OSMC.





  • Robert Braun, Linköping University, Fluid and Mechatronic Systems, Sweden
  • Dag Fritzson, SKF 
  • Adeel Asghar, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Lennart Ochel, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Adrian Pop, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden


  • Mail to: OpenModelica [at]


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