The OpenModelica 1.11.0 beta3 has been released. You can find the Windows builds here. The Linux and MacOS builds are available via the Download menu above.

OpenModelica 1.11.0 beta3 is just a minor patch update of 1.11.0 beta2 that fixes following bugs.

  • Fix for #3535 detect duplicate classes and give an error.
  • Ticket #4175 Remove the unexpected integer formatter.
  • Guard GC initialization
  • Do not link pthreads statically in ARM FMUs
  • Remove special treatment of string return args, ticket #3446
  • Some sanity checks for threads
  • Fix ticket #4209, suppress wrong error messages
  • Tickets #4204 & #4215. Fixed some crashes.
  • Transformational debugger not showing up properly.


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