Download source

Source code can be fetched from github or the OpenModelica read-only mirrorInstructions are available.


  • Note: We really encourage Linux and Mac users to use the LATEST sources from the Subversion repository instead of the zipped source package or the tagged release as it has many bug fixes between releases
  • Get the OpenModelica source code from our GIT repository:


  • We provide also experimental nightly builds for Windows and Linux between releases.
    Using the latest builds and reporting bugs provides us with valuable feedback.
    Some of the bugs reported could be already fixed in the nightly-builds.


Trac account for bugs

Reporting of bugs can be made anonymously but you can get an Trac account if you want:

1. Send an email to Adrian Pop for an account in the OpenModelica Trac.

2. You will also be able to report bugs with your new account (anonymous works too).


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