Roadmap on Trac

Research activities

  • Research on multi-core parallel code generation
  • Research on Modelica in Systems Engineering and UML/SysML-Modelica integration
  • Research on type systems and semantics 


Some Future Directions

  • 2019. Main goal: OpenModelica 2.0.0 release with significantly improved coverage for libraries, and significantly improved compiler and simulation performance, tool robustness and quality.
  • Whole 2019. Development of more Industrial Use Cases
  • Spring 2019. Release of OM 1.14.0 with GUI support for replaceable in libraries
  • Spring 2019. OMSens – multiparameter sensitivity analysis and optimization
  • Spring 2019. OMSysIdent – parameter system identification module
  • Summer 2019. Finalizing new frontend modules with significantly improved flattening for enhanced coverage and performance
  • Further Enhanced Equation model debugging support
  • Further enhanced embedded system code generation and development support
  • Encryption support by OpenModelica for use of commercial libraries with OM
  • Enhanced FMI support, FMI Composition, in OMSimulator 2.0
  • Matlab scripting API to OpenModelica.
  • Enhanced MetaModelica 3.0 documentation & environment with improved ease-of-use; consolidation; Investigation of Julia interfacing 



  • Dec 2007. Creation of the Open Source Modelica Consortium, initially 7 organizational members.
  • Feb 2008. OpenModelica Development Server operational.
  • Feb 2008. OpenModelica 1.4.4 released.
  • June 2008. Adrian Pop full-time as OSMC Technical Coordinator. Development accelerates.
  • Dec 2008. MathCore joins OSMC and contributes 1 man-year of source code.
  • Jan 2009. OpenModelica 1.4.5 released.
  • Feb 2009. First Annual OpenModelica Workshop in Linköping, Sweden.
  • June 2009. Start of OPENPROD ITEA2 11 million €, 28-partner project including substantial OpenModelica development.
  • Feb 2010. 2nd Annual OpenModelica Workshop in Linköping, Sweden.
  • Feb 2010. OpenModelica also available under standard GPL license.
  • June 2010. Prototype support for interactive simulation.
  • December 2010. OpenModelica 1.6 release with better support for Modelica Standard Library 3.1. New graphical editor OMEdit, Stream Connectors, etc.
  • Feb 2011. 3rd Annual OpenModelica Workshop in Linköping, Sweden.
  • March 2011. OMOptim Optimization subsystem in OpenModelica
  • March 2011. Performance analyzer in OpenModelica
  • March 2011. ModelicaML Eclipse plugin in new Papyrus framework.
  • April 2011. OpenModelica 1.7 release with better MSL 3.1 support, OMOptim optimization subsystem, performance analyzer, improvements in graphical editor OMEdit and in ModelicaML.
  • November 2011. OpenModelica 1.8 release. Media flattening. FMI 1.0 import and export. Better MSL 3.1 support and bug fixes in OMEdit and OMOptim
  • April 2012. OpenModelica 1.8.1 release with support for operator overloading, faster compilation, ModelicaML with valuebindings, Python Scripting.
  • August 2012. OpenModelica 1.9 beta release with better support for Modelica Standard Library 3.1, debugger, OMEdit enhancements, ModelicaML update.
  • October 2012. Most of libraries ThermoSysPro and Thermopower simulating.
  • October 2012. Most of Fluid library flattening.
  • October 2012. FMI co-simulation.
  • November 2012. OMEdit graphic editor enhancements.
  • December 2012. OpenModelica 1.9 beta 2 release with better support for Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.
  • December 2012. Most of Media, Fluid and Multibody libraries simulating.
  • February 2014. Integrated Modelica debugger.
  • February 2014. OpenModelica 1.9.1 beta2 release, Improved library support
  • Spring 2014. Better coverage for Modelica libraries including MSL 3.2.1, ModelicaTest 3.2.1, PetriNet, Buildings, PowerSystems, OpenHydraulics, ThermoPower, ThermoSysPro, PlanarMechanics, etc.
  • April 2014. Switching to Bootstrapped compiler, release 1.9.2. Further improved performance and coverage.
  • Spring 2014. FMI 2.0 support.
  • Spring 2014. Comment- and indentation preserving unparsing.
  • Fall 2014. Partial support for Modelica 3.3 synchronous features
  • March 2015. OpenModelica 1.9.2 release, FMI 2.0 model exchange, faster OMEdit GUI with OMC linked as a DLL.
  • March 2016. OpenModelica 1.9.6. release with Clocked synchrous support
  • Febr 2017.  OpenModelica 1.11.0 release. 3D Animation. 64bit. Support for models with half a million equations, OMWebbook for web-based simulation.
  • October 2017. OpenModelica 1.12.0 release. Better library coverage. Small footprint real-time embedded code gen, Modelica Device Drivers library, OMSimulator FMI and TLM stand-alone co-simulation and simulation. Graphical editing of state machines. Binary Linux builds, Enhanced OMPython for control system development, Further enhanced DAEMode sparse solver support.


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