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As this forum is not only for reporting bugs current/wink, I thought to announce some good news.

The master branch in ADMSL is now working with OMC.

ADMSL was initially implemented in Dymola. It was already distributed with OpenModelica but it was not compiling and simulating (Github URLGitHub URL).

It was a bit disturbing for me that this is the case. ADMSL is heavily using replaceable components, inheritance and parameterized array sizes through global parameters declared with implicit connections (i.e. inner / outer). This seems to be very challenging for any Modelica compiler and not just OMC.

The last version of ADMSL 1.1.0-alpha_Hamburg is now working with OpenModelica. This is now the master branch. In order to achieve this, I had to avoid excessive reuse of replaceable etc. by simply duplicating code and avoid implicit connections for specifying the size of arrays.

In case there is any interest to see / examine what is not working: There are two further branches one of them is OMC which includes the implementation of how I believe the implementation should be. But this branch does not currently translates well /compile. Another branch is Dymola corresponding to the older implementation which is a bit more tuned towards Dymola.   

I have played with the options a bit

I have no idea why it did not work in the first place but it works fine now with line indentation. May be I just needed a new start.

First let me thank you for the great efforts conducted for OMEdit. I was reliably able to construct Modelica libraries using this tool.

In the latest version 1.13.0, some changes happend w.r.t. lines indentation. Whenever I save a model component after editing it, OMEdit automatically indent the lines (usually does not end in a reliable outlook). I played with couple of combination of options but did not arrive what I really need. As it was the case with the last version (1.12.0), I want to indent the lines my self in the way I left them.

Couple of other suggested features are:

* Move a component from a package to another within a library
* Rename a component

I currently have my own work-arounds and tricks but these are definitely significant for large-scale modeling.

Also OMEdit crashs occasionally. Any tricks / recommendation to reduce such events (other than not to listen to youtube music from firefox)?

Is there a way to employ unit checking within OMEdit?

Thanks .. I have used the OpenModelica flags within OMEditor!

I noticed that one can insert simulation setup as annotation within the model, e.g.

  annotation(experiment(StartTime = 0, StopTime = 1, Tolerance = 1e-05, Interval = 0.0025));

The annotation can be automatically generated by OMEditor.

Is it possible to specify the integration method?

I have tried the attribute Method and Integration.Method but there is no success.

Many thanks!
It works.
It was an anti malware.

Dear OMC Community,

This is the first time that I use OpenModelica 1.12 (64 bits). I have Windows 10 64 bits.

Seems to me that I cannot simulate any Modelica example, while model checking and instantiation are fine.

The compilation log file when simulating Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.ChuaCircuit is attached. Every thing seems to work fine until the linking stage.

Hopefully this is just a simple configuration problem. Any idea what is wrong / what should I change?

Thank you in advance!

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