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illogical "incompatibility" error in model

illogical "incompatibility" error in model

I am trying to model and replicate the "Open Brayton Power Cycle" from the OpenModelica Library and have come across an error message that makes little sense. The error message is the result of incompatibility between and, all taken from the modelica library and connected in the same fashion as the library Brayton example has been done.

The error message coming up does not make any sense to me, for both parts are compatible with one another.


[11] 14:18:40 Translation Error
[BraytonCycle_First: 49:3-50:84]: Incompatible components in connect statement: connect(sourceMassFlow1.flange, combustionChamber1.inf)
- sourceMassFlow1.flange has components {C_outflow, Xi_outflow, h_outflow, m_flow, p}
- combustionChamber1.inf has components {C_outflow, Xi_outflow, h_outflow, m_flow, p}

Both of these models clearly all use the same components within each other yet for some reason will not instantiate because of this "error". Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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