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OpenModelica "-override" parameters

OpenModelica "-override" parameters

Hi ! I came across this command to override parameter values of a plant model made in OMedit using OMPython - omc.sendExpression('simulate(P_win3, simflags="-override  constantVoltage1.V=12.0", stopTime = 10)').

I just wanted to know if there's any other way to do this without using omc.sendExpression, OMPython.execute or mod.simulate methods wherein i can directly do the overriding using python.

Below i include a pseudo code of what i want to do :

temp = ModelicaSystem(C:/OpenModelica1.12.0-64bit/share/doc/omc/testmodels/
temp.simulate("-override  constantVoltage1.V=12.0")

What is the right syntax to use if i want to override the parameter in the above mentioned way?

Thank you!

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