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Published 2022-12-08

Travel to Linköping

The city Linköping is situated in southern Sweden, 200 kilometers south of Stockholm. Linköping University is located about 3 kilometers from the city center.



The Copenhagen-Stockholm link of the central European railroad trunk passes through the city.

Train tickets can be purchased online or at the station (not on board the train).


The airport coaches (flygbussarna) is the most convenient way from Stockholm/Skavsta airport at around 90 minutes and usually with a schedule that match your arrival at the airport. (You can sometimes catch a taxi, but it’s an expensive ride.)

There are also several companies operating long-distance bus lines in Sweden including the 12-hour Flixbus Linköping-Hamburg route.

Local Bus and Train

Bus 12 takes you from the railway station (”Resecentrum”) via city center (”Stora Torget”) to the university campus (”Universitetet Golfbanan”).

Please observe that a special prepaid card is necessary when using regular bus connections. The card can be purchased at ”Pressbyrån” and at the office of Östgötatrafiken at the railway station. It is also possible to pay with credit card through an app.

Östgötatrafiken operates the public transport of the entire county, which includes the local buses in Norrköping and the local trains between Linköping and Norrköping.


Copenhagen to Linköping takes about 5 hours. Stockholm to Linköping takes about 2.5 hours.