OpenModelica 2021

Published 2021-02-02

OpenModelica Annual Workshop February 2, 2021

  Supported by

Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LIU)


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 08.15-08.30  Web-meeting opens

 08.30-08.40      Lena Buffoni and Lennart Ochel (Linköping University and RISE Linköping, Sweden)

                           Workshop Opening

 Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann

 08.40-09.00       Francesco Casella, Director of OSMC (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

                           Status and Directions of OpenModelica

 09.00-09.45       Francesco Casella, Director of OSMC (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

                         Keynote. Is OpenModelica finally coming of age?

 09.45-10.10       John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop and Martin Sjölund (Linköping University and RISE Linköping, Sweden)

                           Modelica extensions for Highly Dynamic Systems via Julia and OpenModelica

10.10-10.35        Adrien Guironnet, Florentine Rosière and Gautier Bureau (RTE, France)

                           Dynaωo: A Suite of Power System Simulation Tools using Modelica and the OpenModelica Compiler

10.35-10.50        Coffee break

Session Chair: Martin Sjölund

10.50-11.15        Sai Kiran Samboju, Vivek Teja Tanjavooru, Daniel Zinsmeister and Vedran S. Perić (Technical University of Munich)

·                          Modeling of Combined Heat and Power Generation Unit for Dynamic Analysis of Integrated Thermal-Electric Grids

11.15-11.40        Jan Peter Axelsson (Vascaia AB, Sweden)

                           Design aspects of Bioprocess Library for Modelica

11.40-12.05        Barbara Zardin, Giovanni Cillo and Massimo Borghi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)

                           Modelling and simulation of positive – displacement machines with OpenModelica

12.05-13.15        Lunch break

Session Chair: Francesco Casella

13.15-13.40        Adrian Pop, OSMC Technical Coordinator (Linköping University)

                           Current Status and Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Environment

13.40-14.05        Vishak Dudhee and Vladimir Vukovic (Teesside University, UK)

                            Simulation-Based Optimisation Coupling OpenModelica and GenOpt

14.05-14.30        Hubert Blervaque and Kods Grissa Nacib (EDF, France)

                           BuildSysPro library on OpenModelica: a compatibility case study

14.30-14.55        Nikhil Sharma, Kannan Moudgalya and Sunil Shah (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Modelicon Infotech LLP)

                           Modelica Library for Batch Distillation

14.55-15.05  Coffee break

Session Chair: Adrian Pop

15.05-15.30        Philip Hannebohm and Bernhard Bachmann (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany)

·                          Symbolic Manipulation on Operator Records

15.30-15.55        Francesco Casella and Adrien Guironnet (Politecnico di Milano, Italy and RTE, France)

                           Experimenting OMC and --daeMode with large-scale grid models: status and perspectives

15.55-16.15        Karim Abdelhak and Bernhard Bachmann (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, Germany)

                           Efficient Handling of Arrays in the New Backend

16.20-16.50        Panel Discussion Chairs: Lena Buffoni and Lennart Ochel

                           Future Directions of OpenModelica – Next 5 years and Next 20 years

16.50-17.00        Coffee Break

17.00-18.00        Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting