OpenModelica Annual Workshop February 3, 2020

 Supported by

Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LIU)


International participants (credit card only)

Swedish participants (invoice or credit card)

Preliminary Program

 08.00-08.30  Registration and coffee, outside room A2, A-building, LiU

 Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann

 08.30-08.40       Martin Sjölund and Adrian Pop (Linköping University and RISE SICSEast, Sweden)

                           Workshop Opening

 08.40-09.00       Peter Fritzson, Director of OSMC (Linköping University, Sweden)

                           Status and Directions of OpenModelica

 09.00-09.45       Francesco Casella, Vice Director of OSMC (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

 09.45-10.10       Rüdiger Franke, Chairman of OSMC (ABB AG, Germany)

                           Modelica in the Digital World

10.10-10.35        Andreas Heuermann and Bernhard Bachmann

                           Efficient Minimal Tearing of Hybrid Algebraic Loops for Large-scale System Simulation

10.35-11.05        Coffee and Poster Session

Session Chair: Lennart Ochel

11.05-11.30        Adrien Guironnet, Florentine Rosiere, Karim Abdelhak and Bernhard Bachmann (RTE, France; FH Bielefeld, Germany)

·                          Experience on the Use of OpenModelica DAE Mode for Industrial Power System Simulations

11.30-11.55        Sören Möller, Karim Abdelhak, and Bernhard Bachmann (FH Bielefeld, Germany)

                           Generation of Symbolic Hessian Matrices in OpenModelica

11.55-12.20        Santosh Desai, Ritesh Sharma, Vasu Goel, Vidhu Shah, Sunil Shah and Adeel Asghar (Modelicon, India; RISE SICS East, Sweden)

                           Virtual Automation Lab using Unity 3D and OpenModelica

12.20-13.30        Lunch at Kårallen

Session Chair: Francesco Casella

13.30-13.55        Adrian Pop, OSMC Technical Coordinator (Linköping University)

                           Current Status and Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Environment

13.55-14.20        John Tinnerholm, Adrian Pop, and Martin Sjölund (Linköping University)

                           Experimentation with a Prototype OpenModelica Compiler in Julia

14.20-14.45        Herbert Schmidt and Silvia Hacia (Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

                           Influence of Iron Losses on Switching Dynamics of an Electromagnet from Experiment and Simulation

14.45-15.05  Coffee and Poster Session

Session Chair: Lena Buffoni

15.05-15.30        Lennart Ochel (RISE SICS East, Sweden)

·                          FMI Simulation, Co-Simulation, and Graphical Composition with OMSimulator in OpenModelica

15.30-15.55        Adeel Asghar, Rodrigo Castro, and Peter Fritzson (RISE SICS East; University of Buenos Aires, Linköping University)

                           Sensitivity Analysis and Non-linear Optimization with OMSens in OpenModelica

15.55-16.15        Francesco Casella and Adrien Guironnet (Politecnico di Milano, Italy; RTE, France)

                           A Library to Support Learning Power Systems Modeling with OpenModelica and OMEdit

16.20-16.50        Panel Discussion Chairs: Martin Sjölund and Adrian Pop

                           Future Directions of OpenModelica – Next 5 years and Next 20 years

16.50-17.00        Break

17.00-18.00        Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting

19.00                  Dinner


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