OpenModelica 2016

Published 2016-02-01




Annual OpenModelica Workshop 2016, February 1 - Preliminary Program

Supported by
Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LiU)


Download printable version of the program HERE


8.00-8.40 Registration and coffee, outside A2, A-building.

Session Chair: Rüdiger Franke

8.40-9.00 Peter Fritzson, Director of OSMC (Linköping University)
 Workshop Opening, Status and Directions of OpenModelica 

9.00-9.25 Francesco Casella, Vice Director of OSMC (Politecnico di Milano)
Modeling of Large-Scale Power Generation and Transmission Networks

9.25-09.50 Lars Eriksson (Linköping University)
• Turbocharged Gasoline and Diesel Engine Library with Applications

09.50-10.15 Lennart Ochel and Christoph Brinkrolf (FH Bielefeld)
On the interaction of VANESA, PNlib and OpenModelica


10.15-10.45 Coffee

Session Chair: Gerhard Schmitz

10.45-11.10 Willi Braun, Bernhard Bachmann (FH Bielefeld)
Comparison of Methods for Solving Non-linear Algebraic Loops in OpenModelica

11.10-11.35 Bernhard Thiele (Linköping University) and Lennart Ochel (FH Bielefeld)
Status of Clocked Synchronous and State Machines Modeling in OpenModelica

11.35-12.00 Martin Sjölund (Linköping University)
Cross-compilation and testing of OpenModelica-generated FMUs  

12.00-12.20 Rüdiger Franke (ABB)
 Embedded Optimizing Control using the OpenModelica C++ Runtime

12.20-13.30 Lunch at Kårallen


Session Chair: Lars Eriksson

13.30-13.55 Adrian Pop (OSMC & Linköping University, OSMC Technical Coordinator)
Current Status and Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Environment

13.55-14.20 Volker Waurich (TU Dresden)
Multi-Body-System Visualisation and Interactive Real-Time Simulation of FMUs for OpenModelica based Simulation

14.20-14.45 Martin Flehmig, Marc Hartung and Marcus Walther (TU Dresden)
Design Approach for a Scalable and Generic Framework for Parallel FMU Simulation


14.45-15.10 Coffee


Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann

15.10-15.30 Jan Šilar (Charles University, Prague)
Partial Differential Equations in Modelica

15.30-15.50 Gustaf Thorslund (Linköping University)
Implementation and evaluation of a PDE-solver using ParModelica

15.50-16.10 Mahder Gebremedhin (Linköping University)
• Dynamic load balancing in parallelization of equation-based models

16.10-16.25 Martin Sjölund, Arunkumar Palanisamy and Peter Fritzson (Linköping University)
Generating OpenModelica web books including mathematical typesetting from OMNotebooks

16.30-17.00 Panel Discussion Chair: Peter Fritzson
• Future Directions of OpenModelica

17.00-18.00 Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting 

19.00 Dinner