OpenModelica 2010

Published 2010-02-08

Annual OpenModelica Workshop 2010, February 8

Supported by
Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) and Linköping University (LiU)

8.30-9.00 Registration. Coffee. Place: Outside A2

9.00-9.30 Peter Fritzson. Linköping University, Director of OSMC

Workshop Opening, Status and Directions of OpenModelica pdf

9.30-10.00 Gerhard Schmitz (TU Hamburg), Peter Aronsson (MathCore), and Adrian Pop (Linköping Univ)

MultiBody Simulation with OpenModelica and MathModelica pdf


10.00-10.30 Hannu Niemistö*, Teemu Lempinen*, Tommi Karhela

System Dynamic Business Process Modelling and Simulation Tool based on OpenModelica pdf

10.30-11.00 Coffee

Session Chair: Gerhard Schmitz

11.00-11.30 Melanie Krems, Bernhard Bachmann, and Willi Braun, FH-Bielefeld

Enhancement of the OpenModelica Compiler – Analytical calculation of the Jacobian matrix pdf

11.30-12.00 Willi Braun, Bernhard Bachmann, Sabrina Proß, and Melanie Krems, FH-Bielefeld

Advancements of the OpenModelica Compiler toward a full implementation of event handling pdf

12.00-12.30 Christian Sonntag, Martin Hüfner, and Adalat Jabrayilov, TU-Dortmund

Using OpenModelica for the Translation of Modelica Models to the Compositional Interchange Format for Hybrid Systems pdf

12.30-13.30 Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University

Session Chair: Peter Fritzson

13.30-14.00 Adrian Pop, OSMC & Linköping University, OSMC Technical Coordinator

Technical Overview of OpenModelica and its Development Enviroment pdf

14.00-14.30 Martin Sjölund

OpenModelica External Java Function Interface and Self-Compilation pdf

14.30-15.00 Coffe

Session Chair: Bernhard Bachmann

15.00-15.30 Jens Frenkel (TU-Dresden) and Timo (Penndorf Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH)

A Study of OpenModelica in realtime simulation for virtual reality environments pdf

15.30-16.00 Per Östlund (Linköping University)

Parallel Simulation of Modelica Models on the NVIDIA/CUDA Architecture pdf

16.00-17.00 Panel Discussion

Future Directions of OpenModelica pdf

17.00-18.00 Open Source Modelica Consortium Annual Statutory Meeting


19.00 Dinner