9th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development

Linköping University   –  February 3-4, 2015

Organizers: Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, Kristian Sandahl

Note: public versions of the presentations will be put on-line on the web after the Workshop


MODPROD Program for Tuesday February 3, Tutorials and Workshop

08.00-08.25     MODPROD bus from City Center, Stora Torget bus stop, to Linköping University Building A

08.30-09.00     Registration and coffee outside room A2, in Building A, Linköping University

09.00-10.45     Tutorials in Parallel, Length 3:15h

10.45-11.00     Coffee break

11.00-12.30     Tutorials continued, same rooms as above

12.30-13.30     Lunch at Restaurant Kårallen, Linköping University

13.30-14.20     Plenary Session 1, Model-Based Engineering, Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2


14.20-15.00    Peter Fritzson, Martin Sjölund; Petter Krus, Linköping University, Sweden, “Presentation of Research at the Centre for Model based Product Development, MODPROD

15.30-16.00    Coffee break, Poster Session and exhibition

16.00-17.15     Parallel Session 2a, Model-Based Engineering, Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

  • John Baras, University of Maryland, College Park, USA. “A Framework for Model-Based Systems Engineering for CPS with Emphasis on Design Space Exploration Methods and Tools”
  • Ulf Olsson, Toni Siljamäki, Ericsson, Sweden, “Experience of Network Modeling Using Papyrus Open Source”
  • Lena Buffoni, Linköping University, Sweden, and Marc Bouissou, EDF France. “Fault Tolerance Analysis using OpenModelica with Figaro Extensions for Modelica”

16.00-17.15    Parallel Session 2b, Model-Based Software and Systems Engineering, Chair: Petter Krus, room ACAS

  • Wladimir Schamai, Airbus Group, Germany, Lena Buffoni, Peter Fritzson, Linköping University, Sweden, Daniel Bouskela, EDF, France. “Automating Model Composition for Design Verification”
  • Roland Almgren, Knowit AB, Sweden. “Configuration Space Semantics”
  • Ingo Staack, Linköping University, Sweden. “Knowledge-Based Engineering for System Design of Aircraft Systems”

17.30             Bus to Norrköping Visualization Center

18.45             Dome Visualization Demonstration, Workshop Dinner, bus back to Linköping at approx. 9 o’clock

MODPROD Program for Wednesday February 4

07.50-08.10    MODPROD Bus from Linköping University Building A to City Center, Stora Torget bus stop

08.00-08.30    Registration outside room A2, Building A, Linköping university

08.30-08.40    Workshop 2nd Day, Introduction, Plenary Session 3. Chair: Peter Fritzson, room A2

08.40-09.40    Keynote, Sébastien Gérard, Head of the LISE labs and leader of the Eclipse Papyrus project, France,Model-Driven Engineering: Authoring and Exploiting Models

09.40-10.40    Keynote, Kannan Moudgalya, Prof. at IIT Mumbay, India, and head of project.Massive Online Teaching of Programming and Simulation Using Open Source

10.40-11.30    Coffee, Posters and Exhibition

11.30-12.20    Parallel Session 3a, Modeling Languages. Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room A2

  • Lena Buffoni, Linköping University, Martin Otter, DLR, Wladimir Schamai, Airbus Group, Peter Fritzson, Linköping University. “Requirement Formalization in Modelica”
  • Timothy Bourke, Albert Benveniste, Benoit Caillaud, Marc Pouzet, IRISA / INRIA, Rennes, France. “Exploiting and Extending Synchronous Languages for Hybrid Modeling”

11.30-12.20     Parallel Session 3b, Numerical Aspects of Model-Based Engineering. Chair: Petter Krus, room A2

  • Dirk Scharff and Thilo Moshagen, TLK Thermo, Michaela Huhn, TU Clausthal. Germany“Smooth Balance-Corrective Contributions in Co-simulation”
  • Robert Braun, Linköping University, “Decoupling Distributed Solvers for an Equation-Based Modelling Laguage”

12.20-13.30     Lunch at Restaurant Kårallen, Linköping University. Posters and Exhibition outside room A2

13.30-14.25     Keynote,Claude Gomez, CEO at Scilab Enterprises, France. “Why using Scilab Open Source Software for
                        Numerical Computation in Model-Based Development?” Chair: Petter Krus, room:A2

14.25-14.55     Coffee, Posters and Exhibition

14.55-16.35     Parallel Session 4a, Model-Based Engineering and Applications. Chair: Petter Krus, room A2

  • Peter Vind, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden. “Collaboration Process in System Delivery”
  • Åke Kinnander, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, Sweden. “Numerically Robust Approaches for Temperature Modeling in Heat Exchangers”
  • Francisco J. Gómez, Luigi Vanfretti, Svein Harald Olsen, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. “CIM To Modelica Factory - Automated Modelica Model Generation and Time Domain Simulation from CIM”
  • Gaël Blondelle, Eclipse Foundation, France. “Open source perspectives for MBSE with PolarSys”

14.55-16.35     Parallel Session 4b, Model-Based Design and Development. Chair: Kristian Sandahl, room ACAS

  • Gunnar Nilsson, Ericsson, Sweden. “Open Source Strategies in Industrial Usage at Ericsson”
  • Bernhard Thiele, Linköping University, Sweden. “A Proposal for Verified Code Generation from Modelica”
  • Peter Gorm Larsen, Aarhus University, Denmark. “Towards Comprehensive Cyber-Physical Systems Simulation using Co-Simulation”
  • Stephan Rudolph, Universität Stuttgart. Germany “On graph-based design languages for consistent multidisciplinary models”

16.35-16.40     Break

16.40-17.15     Panel Discussion, Open Source in Industry, (plenary session), room A2 

17.30               MODPROD Bus from Linköping University Building A to City Center, Stora Torget bus stop

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