Official Release


  • contains only validated new features
  • intended for productive usage
Stable Development
  • dev.xx versions are released during development when the performance is
    sufficiently stable; they contain bug fixes and some new features that still
    need to be validated
  • dev.betaxx versions are released in preparation to official releases for testing;
    no  new features are added to beta versions, only bug fixes
Nightly Build 1.14.0-dev
  • built daily with the latest additions to the code base that passed the standard
    regression tests
  • intended to make the latest developments and enhancements available for
    testers and developers, not for productive usage
  • features that are not subject to regression testing may get broken between
    one nightly build and the next


Please choose an installation path without spaces and non-ASCII characters, otherwise OpenModelica installation is not guaranteed to work properly.


Release notes for all releases are available in our Trac system.

OpenModelica includes SystemDynamics library with World modeling. Instructions for SystemDynamics World3 simulations.

All previous OpenModelica releases are available in our repository.

For non production use, please try our last nightly build as it usually contains many bug fixes, updates and improvements. You can also help us by reporting bugs.

Please consider supporting our efforts.






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