You can find the full license agreement here.


"Contribution" means: 
a) in the case of the initial Contributor, the initial
code and documentation distributed under OSMC-PL, and
b) in the case of each subsequent Contributor:
i) changes to OpenModelica, and
ii) additions to OpenModelica;
where such changes and/or additions to OpenModelica originate from and are distributed by
that particular Contributor. A Contribution 'originates' from a Contributor if it was added
to OpenModelica by such Contributor itself or anyone acting on such Contributor's behalf.

For Contributors licencing OpenModelica under OSMC-Internal-EPL or OSMC-External-EPL conditions,
the following conditions also hold:
Contributions do not include additions to the distributed Program which:
(i) are separate modules of software distributed in conjunction
with OpenModelica under their own license agreement,
(ii) are separate modules which are not derivative works of OpenModelica, and
(iii) are separate modules of software distributed in conjunction with OpenModelica
under their own license agreement where these separate modules are merged with
(weaved together with) modules of OpenModelica to form new modules that are
distributed as object code or source code under their own license agreement,
as allowed under the Additional Condition of internal distribution according
to OSMC-Internal-EPL and/or Additional Condition for external distribution
according to OSMC-External-EPL.

"Transfer of Contribution Copyright" means that
the Contributors of a Contribution transfer the ownership and the copyright of the Contribution
to Linköpings universitet, the OpenModelica Copyright owner, for inclusion in OpenModelica.
The transfer takes place upon the effective date when the Contribution is made available on
the OSMC web site under OSMC-PL, by such Contributors themselves or anyone acting on such
Contributors' behalf. The transfer is free of charge. If the Contributors or OSMC so wish,
an optional Copyright transfer agreement can be signed between OSMC and the Contributors,
as specified in an Appendix of the OSMC Bylaws.

"Contribution License" means a license from OSMC to the Contributors of the Contribution, effective
on the date of the Transfer of Contribution Copyright, where OSMC grants the Contributors a non-exclusive,
world-wide, transferable, free of charge, perpetual license, including sublicensing rights, to use,
have used, modify, have modified, reproduce and or have reproduced the contributed material, for
business and other purposes, including but not limited to evaluation, development, testing,
integration and merging with other software and distribution. The warranty and liability disclaimers
of OSMC-PL applies to this license.

"Contributor" means any person or entity that distributes (part of) OpenModelica.


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