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ModelicaML - A UML Profile for Modelica

Modelica Modeling Language (ModelicaML) is a graphical modeling language for the description of time-continuous and time-discrete/event-based system dynamics. ModelicaML is defined as an extended subset of the OMG Unified Modeling Language (UML). This subset enables the generation of executable Modelica code.

ModelicaML extends the graphical modeling capabilities of Modelica by providing more diagrams (UML diagrams for presenting the composition, connection, inheritance or behavior of classes) for graphical model definition or documentation. Moreover, ModelicaML supports a method for formalizing and evaluating system requirements using simulations.



ModelicaML plugins for Eclipse Kepler, Papyrus 0.10, Acceleo 2.8 and Xtext 2.4:



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  • Wladimir Schamai, EADS Innovation Works, Germany
  • Peter Fritzson, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Adrian Pop, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Uwe Pohlmann, University of Paderborn, Department of Computer Science, Software Engineering Group, Germany
  • Parham Vasaiely, Hamburg University of Applied Science
  • Waheed Adnan, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Hakam Imran, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden
  • Goutham Gatla, Linköping University, PELAB – Programming Environment Lab, Sweden


  • Wladimir Schamai wladimir.schamai [at]

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  • Eclipse plugin for creating and displaying Modelica icon annotation inside ModelicaML class compartment notation
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